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Our Mission Goal is for EVERY Ear to Hear CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO across the Charlotte Diocese and Upstate SC.


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We want your feedback and suggestions on how to best build YOUR Carolina Catholic Radio Station .  Together we can create a beautiful mosaic that showcases  the universality, spirituality, talents and passion of Carolina Catholics!


You can help bring CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO to your parish community in 2019.

Radio Stations are available in Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point & Asheville.

Each station has a one time setup charge and monthly rent under our lease/option business model.

Or you can be a CAROLINA CATHOLIC MEDIA MISSIONARY spreading the word that we are available ON-AIR, ONLINE and now on our new MOBILE APP!

Contact us to schedule a meeting to find out more about what role you can play in this exciting ministry that promotes the New Evangelization!

Please make your pledge to donate, volunteer and pray today!

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Learn, Love and Live Your Catholic Faith.

Our programming is designed to draw you deeper into your Catholic faith and feed you spiritually to be a Beacon of Light in a dark, divided secular culture.

Take the 7 Day CATHOLIC RADIO Challenge!

Then tell us what you think.  We think it will change your Life!  As we wind down summer and head into fall please prayerfully discern turning off the noise of Secular Media and turning on EWTN/CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO heard locally on AM1270 CATHOLIC RADIO CHARLOTTE.  Every controversial cultural issue in the news today is thoroughly discussed from a truly CATHOLIC perspective.  EWTN/CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO helps you understand, live and defend your faith with confidence from knowing the Truth of Jesus Christ in the Church He started with His Apostles over 2000 years ago.

We have a very ambitious growth plan for the months ahead.  We are developing 6 platforms to communicate what Carolina Catholics need to know and are most interested in being a part of.  The more we know and the earlier we know the better we can respond and share with Carolina Catholics.  From the Eucharistic Congress, PRO-LIFE events and a Carolina Catholic Music Day to great local programming designed to showcase everyone from our Seminarians and Parish Ministries to Catholic School Students, Home School Moms and the Knights of Columbus.   Our first hour long program, FAITH & SPORT hosted by Dr. John Acquaviva and Ed Billick (St. Matt parishioners) debuted in July.  You can hear it Mondays 2-3pm with weekend encores.

If you have a smartphone you can contribute now by sending us pictures, videos, audio messages and more as you witness our Faith in your daily life.  We are also looking for help from our technologically savvy young Catholics to volunteer with us to help build our 6 platforms.  We are looking for teams to work with us on Radio, Website, Mobile App, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), YouTube and Mailchimp eblasts.  Please contact us with your thoughts and ideas today!

EWTN/CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO – Listen from anywhere!  ON-AIR, ONLINE and now on our new CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO MOBILE APP!   It’s available for download on your Apple or Android device in your APP Store or Google Play.

CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO and YOU!   Together it’s the BEST way to live your day!

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Latest News from CCRN


First LIVE Broadcast March 16 from the Men’s Conference at St. Patrick Cathedral!


Many hands makes light work!  We need volunteers who believe in our mission to bring Catholic Radio to every ear in the Charlotte Diocese and Upstate SC!  What role are you being called to play!?!

12 Teams Under Construction 
  • Finance/Grant Writing Committee
  • Network/Affiliate Development
  • Catholic Parish Point Persons
  • Publicity – Share Your Parish News
  • Creative Video/Website/Social/Print/eblasts
  • Multi-Platform Tech Integration
  • Local Talk Program Development
  • School Forum Catholic School/Home School
  • Family Life/Ministry Showcase – Marriage & Parenting
  • Catholic Teen Formation – From Confirmation to College to Career
  • Catholic Music Channel – Featuring Local Kids, Teens, Adults
  • Faith & Sport Featuring Local Catholic Teams & Athletes including Middle School , High School, College and Pro

Join us by filling out the form below.

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We are a Catholic Communications entity pursuant to the state laws of NC Non Profit Corporations with the mission to advance the truth, defined by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

We provide Media infrastructure to the Dioceses of Charlotte, Raleigh, Rock Hill Oratory and Belmont Abbey College to help answer the call for the New Evangelization of the Catholic Church.

We provide relevant national and local programs to educate, encourage, inform and inspire no matter where you are on your journey of faith.

We believe that broadcasting the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST through CATHOLIC RADIO will transform peoples’ lives providing spiritual enrichment to more deeply Learn, Love and Live their Faith for the GREATER GLORY OF GOD.

We ask that you prayerfully discern what you can do to help grow CATHOLIC RADIO in the Carolinas.

We need your time, your talent and your treasure. What role are you being called to play?