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COME HOLY SPIRIT!  On behalf of the more than 50 CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO Advisory Board Members we welcome you and your loved ones to our apostolate website dedicated to GOD’s GREATEST GIFT to Us… the BIRTH OF HIS SON… our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!  Guided by GOD’s love, mercy and grace may the year 2020 grow and strengthen us in our faith, our hope and our love for GOD and for one another.  May we truly be Instruments of His Peace by our actions and by our words because it is in giving that we receive. May we seize every opportunity to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, forgive the guilty, welcome the stranger AND the unwanted child, care for the ill and love our enemies.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO looks forward to providing you with ONE LOCAL CATHOLIC VOICE that truly reflects the MOSAIC OF MINISTRIES created by you, our CAROLINA CATHOLICS.  From the CRIB TO THE CROSS, may we ALWAYS REMEMBER THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!  PRAISE BE JESUS CHRIST, NOW AND FOREVER!    

The goal of the CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO NETWORK Apostolate is to create a multi-media showcase for the beauty of our CATHOLIC FAITH that JESUS CHRIST founded with His Apostles over 2000 years ago.

By using today’s technology we commit that every soul seeking the WORD OF GOD across the Diocese of Charlotte, NC and Upstate SC will find it through EWTN/CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO.  Every soul has the opportunity to be spiritually fed to Learn, Love and Live their Faith when they choose, wherever they are, anywhere in the world!


(800) 857-2909 

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We want your feedback and suggestions on how to best build YOUR Carolina Catholic Radio Station .  Together we can create a beautiful mosaic that showcases  the universality, spirituality, talents and passion of Carolina Catholics!


You can help bring CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO to your parish community in 2020.

Radio Stations are available in Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point & Asheville.

Each station has a one time setup charge and monthly rent under our lease/option business model.

Or you can be a CAROLINA CATHOLIC MEDIA MISSIONARY spreading the word at your parish that we are available ON-AIR, ONLINE and now on our new MOBILE APP where you can listen anytime, anywhere!

Contact us to schedule a meeting to find out more about what role you can play in this exciting ministry that promotes the New Evangelization!

Please make your pledge to donate, volunteer and pray today!

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Learn, Love and Live Your Catholic Faith.  Our programming is designed to draw you deeper into your Catholic faith, feed you spiritually and encourage you to be a Beacon of Light in a dark, divided secular culture.

Take the 7 Day CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO Challenge!  AM 1270 CATHOLIC RADIO CHARLOTTE, your local listener supported CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO station invites you to take the 7 day CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO Challenge!   We think 7 days listening to CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO will inspire you to see the world in a different light!  As we head into a new year please prayerfully discern turning off the noise of Secular Media and turning on EWTN/CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO heard locally on AM1270 CATHOLIC RADIO CHARLOTTE.  Every controversial cultural issue in the news today is thoroughly discussed from a truly CATHOLIC perspective.  EWTN/CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO helps you understand, live and defend your faith with confidence from knowing the Truth of Jesus Christ in the Church He started with His Apostles over 2000 years ago.

Take CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO with you anytime, anywhere!   Now with 3 Ways to Listen!  ON-AIR * ONLINE * MOBILE APP  Have you downloaded the new CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO Mobile App yet?  Just go to the Apple App store or Android Google Play to install on your smartphone.  You’ll find “ALL THINGS CATHOLIC” including EWTN Talk – Local Features – Prayers – Learning – News – Catholic Music and so much more!

Please keep a place for us between your monthly phone, internet and TV bills.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO is a 100% Listener Supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  Your generosity will help keep us on the air!  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation or monthly tithe today. For more information on our 2020 capital and operational needs please contact us through our website, mobile app or by email to:  Thank you and God Bless You!

CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO Coming Attractions  AM1270 CATHOLIC RADIO CHARLOTTE and the CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO NETWORK have a very ambitious growth plan for the year ahead.  We are developing 6 media platforms with timely communication of what you need to know and what interests you most.  All content is designed to support and encourage you and your family on your journey of faith in daily life!

Here’s a look ahead at our vision for 2020 with an eye toward how we can work together to plant seeds of faith and reap a bountiful harvest of Souls for Christ in the Vineyard of the Carolinas!

Carolina Catholic Radio / AM 1270 Charlotte                                2020 Local Program & Event Calendar – SEASONAL

 YEAR OF ST. JOSEPH – Ongoing (Jan-TFN)

WORD OF GOD SUNDAY –  January 26 (January)

CAROLINA CATHOLIC MUSIC NIGHTS (Adult Performances/Youth Performances) – Quarterly


  • Evangelist of the Year
  • Business of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Student of the Year
  • Athlete of the Year
  • Ministry of the Year


Carolina Catholic Radio / AM 1270 Charlotte                            2020 Local Program & Event Calendar – MONTHLY

 Jan 10                  March for Life CHA

Jan 24                  March for Life WDC

Jan 25                  Order of Malta Defense of Faith event Belmont Abbey

Feb                      Legatus/Michael Warsaw, CEO EWTN

Feb 26                 Ash Wednesday / Spring Pledge Drive

Mar 07                Charlotte Men’s Conference, St. Matt

Mar                     St. Patrick Movie Debut

Apr 12                 Easter

April 19               Open house, Daughters of Virgin Mother convent (maybe debut of their album)

May                     Mothers Day

Jun                       Fathers Day

Jun                       Fr. Gerry Murray (EWTN “Papal Posse”) at Legatus

Jul                        EWTN Pilgrimage

Aug 14                Birth of a Saint – Catholic Musical based on the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Aug 24-27           Republican National Convention in Charlotte

Aug                      Legatus/Chris Check, Catholic Answers

Sep                      Eucharistic Congress

Oct                       Fall Pledge Drive

Oct                       MiraVia dinner

Nov                      Catholic Mothers Conference

Dec                      TBD

Carolina Catholic Radio / AM 1270 Charlotte                            2020 Program Schedule – Weekly programs (5 minutes plus)

 Faith and Sport – Started 8/19

Parish Partner Spotlight

Carolina Catholic Woman

Carolina Catholic Man

Catholic Teens

Knights of Columbus

Catholic Writers Guild

Catholic Music Hour

Carolina Catholic Radio / AM 1270 Charlotte                           2020 Program Schedule – Weekly programs (4 minutes or less)*

Catholic News Herald Updates – Active

One Minute Monk – Active

Less than a Minute to Go – Active

Keeping Catholic Real w Pepper Martin – Active

Faith & Sport w Dr. John Acquaviva – Active

Spotlight on Scripture w Gail Buckley Barringer – Active

Clergy Reflections – Fr. John Guiliani /All Saints, Lake Wylie – Active

Carolina Catholic Community Calendar

Parish Partner Spotlight

Ministry Spotlight

Seminarians Showcase

Catholic School Update

Catholic Sports Update

Cathlete of the Week (Catholic Athlete)

NC Knights Update

Pro-Life Update

Catholic Charities – Diocese Update

Legatus This Month

Malta Minute

Catholic Health Minute

Franciscan Perspectives

Movie Reviews: Lights. Camera. Catholic

Prayers & Intentions

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First LIVE Broadcast March 16 from the Men’s Conference at St. Patrick Cathedral!

In our first year CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO appeared all across the Diocese from major events like the Diocese of Charlotte Men’s Conference, the Eucharistic Congress and the Catholic Women’s Conference.    2019 was highlighted by our 1st Annual CAROLINA CATHOLIC MUSIC NIGHT AT THE ABBEY on October 26 and sponsoring the one day movie event FAUSTINA – LOVE AND MERCY on October 28 and December 2!   For the 2 movie events combined, CAROLINA CATHOLIC / AM1270 CHARLOTTE enabled more than 400 souls to witness the beautiful movie documentary of Saint Faustina and how the DIVINE MERCY Devotion came to be.   Our 2020 event plans will expand dramatically to include many diocesan, parish, school and PRO-LIFE events!  Stay tuned!

As CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO/AM1270 CATHOLIC RADIO CHARLOTTE look ahead to our second year in operation, we are presenting an exciting PARISH PARTNER-SHIP opportunity for our parishes!  The program is designed to reinforce communication with parishioners and extend your parish reach beyond the pews to everyone in the public square!  This is a fully customizable program to meet the marketing needs of your parish in exchange for an ongoing monthly tithe.  To operate successfully in 2020 CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO needs parish participation to meet our monthly obligations.  Please join us in a unique partnership opportunity to spread what’s happening in your parish every week on the 6 media platforms of CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO!  The PARISH PARTNER Program includes:


  • Daily presence On Air/Website/Mobile App/Facebook*
  • Weekly Bulletin Highlights – 1 minute segment
  • Clergy Reflections & Homily Highlights – 1 minute segment
  • Ministry Features – 1 minute segment
  • Ongoing presence on Social Media, YouTube, Database marketing
  • Outfit your Parish with Signage/Pledge Cards/Bumper Magnets/Donation Box

PARISH PARTNER will provide:

  • Content for On Air segments
  • A Parish Point Person(s) to coordinate segments for broadcast
  • On Site Area for Carolina Catholic Radio Display
  • Ad in Weekly Bulletin
  • A Monthly Tithe (Carolina Catholic Radio Weekend)
  • Contact Us to discuss a plan for your parish!


Many hands makes light work!  We need volunteers who believe in our mission to bring Catholic Radio to every ear in the Charlotte Diocese and Upstate SC!  What role are you being called to play!?!

12 Teams Under Construction 
  • Finance/Grant Writing Committee
  • Network/Affiliate Development
  • Catholic Parish Point Persons
  • Publicity – Share Your Parish News
  • Creative Video/Website/Social/Print/eblasts
  • Multi-Platform Tech Integration
  • Local Talk Program Development
  • School Forum Catholic School/Home School
  • Family Life/Ministry Showcase – Marriage & Parenting
  • Catholic Teen Formation – From Confirmation to College to Career
  • Catholic Music Channel – Featuring Local Kids, Teens, Adults
  • Faith & Sport Featuring Local Catholic Teams & Athletes including Middle School , High School, College and Pro

Join us by filling out the form below.

Stay tuned for more details on our vision for 2020 with an eye toward how we can all work together to reap a bountiful harvest of Souls for Christ in the Vineyard of the Carolinas!  For more information on our 2020 capital and operational needs please contact us through our website, mobile app or by email to:

Thank you for your consideration and God Bless You!


We are a Catholic Communications entity pursuant to the state laws of NC Non Profit Corporations with the mission to advance the truth, defined by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

We provide Media infrastructure to the Dioceses of Charlotte, Raleigh, Rock Hill Oratory and Belmont Abbey College to help answer the call for the New Evangelization of the Catholic Church.

We provide relevant national and local programs to educate, encourage, inform and inspire no matter where you are on your journey of faith.

We believe that broadcasting the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST through CATHOLIC RADIO will transform peoples’ lives providing spiritual enrichment to more deeply Learn, Love and Live their Faith for the GREATER GLORY OF GOD.

We ask that you prayerfully discern what you can do to help grow CATHOLIC RADIO in the Carolinas.

We need your time, your talent and your treasure. What role are you being called to play?

Prayer for Carolina Catholic Radio

We invite you every day to join us in prayer for our ministry and our mission.  We truly believe that through this means of communication God is touching souls and changing hearts.  In your daily activities, please take time to:

Pray for Carolina Catholic Radio, that it may serve as a beacon of communication to all who listen.                                   

Pray for the leadership, the donors, the volunteers, and all who will make Carolina Catholic Radio possible.                  

Pray that we may spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through effective, spiritual and encouraging Catholic programs.      

Pray for all listeners to be blessed by God’s grace as they journey with Christ through Catholic programming.

God our Father, we humbly seek your all-powerful blessing on the work we have begun and ask you continue to grant us your grace and mercy in all our endeavors. Give success to the work of our hands, your volunteers, your donors, your listeners and your workers in your vineyard.

Lord Jesus Christ, we seek your blessing on all of the stations that comprise the Carolina Catholic Radio Network.  We ask you to consecrate them to the bold proclamation of your living Word, proclaimed in the midst of your One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Guard us from the evil one and from all those who would sow destruction or despair.  Keep us in communion of mind and heart with our Pope and Bishops, upon whom we invoke your mercy.

Holy Spirit, shower your sevenfold gifts upon all your laborers in the fields that we may make known in truth and love the voice of Jesus. Keep us ever-faithful to your inspirations, always open to seek, spread and listen to the Truth, and never allow us to be conquered by pride and other sins that keep us from God. Create unity in our work and broadcast through us the seeds of the Word. Make us instruments of reconciliation among all your people, and of genuine renewal and reform.

Blessed Mother, please help us, guide us and be the intercessor for our intentions to build Christ’s kingdom through Catholic Radio.  Help us to remain humble in all our work, and mindful of the tasks at hand.  Through the image of your own heart, guide us to the Heart of your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Protect us from all evil and bring to us the God of Life whom you bore in your womb. Help us proclaim the greatness of the Lord and to ever-rejoice in God our Savior through this ministry.

May the offering of our service in Catholic Radio and the prayer of the blessed Archangel Gabriel, patron of Radio Broadcasting be ever acceptable in your sight, O Lord.  Show us your mercy, O Lord and grant us your salvation.

Sacred Heart of Jesus through your sorrowful passion have mercy on us.  Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us.  St. Francis of Assisi pray for us.  St. Clare of Assisi pray for us.  St. Maximilian Kolbe pray for us.  St. Faustina pray for us.  St. Padre Pio pray for us.  Pope St. John Paul ll pray for us.  Blessed Fulton John Sheen pray for us.  Mother Mary Angelica pray for us!  All the Angels and Saints pray for us.  For all the Souls in Purgatory we pray for you.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end.  Amen.


For more information on what the Holy Spirit may be calling you to do please “contact us” at:

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