CCRN is a Catholic Communications entity pursuant to the laws of North Carolina Non Profit Corporations.

CCRN will advance the truth of Jesus Christ, as defined by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

CCRN will provide Media assistance to the Dioceses of Charlotte, Raleigh & Belmont Abbey College to answer the call for the New Evangelization.

CCRN will outreach to secure the time, treasure and talent needed to bring Catholic Radio to North Carolina.

CCRN will provide relevant, issue focused talk programming through various media platforms on a national and local basis.

CCRN  programs that educate & encourage active, fallen away & non-Catholics.

CCRN is committed to reach, educate and encourage both active and fallen away Catholics to strengthen their faith walk.

CCRN will also provide non-Catholics the opportunity to hear the truth of Catholicism and discern why they’re not Catholic.

CCRN will develop the intellectual and financial infrastructure to provide North Carolina with statewide access to its first true, free “Over the Air” full power Catholic Radio.

CCRN believes the message of Jesus Christ through Catholic Radio will transform peoples’ lives and their communities.

CCRN will be an instrument of spiritual enrichment for Carolina Catholics to more deeply learn, love & live their Faith for the Greater Glory of God.  What role are you being called to play in this life changing Ministry?