We have a very ambitious growth plan for the months ahead.  We are developing 6 platforms to communicate what Carolina Catholics need to know and are most interested in being a part of.  The more we know and the earlier we know the better we can respond and share with Carolina Catholics.  From the Eucharistic Congress, PRO-LIFE events and a Carolina Catholic Music Day to great local programming designed to showcase everyone from our Seminarians and Parish Ministries to Catholic School Students, Home School Moms and the Knights of Columbus.    If you have a smartphone you can contribute now by sending us pictures, videos, audio messages and more as you witness our Faith in your daily life.  We are also looking for help from our technologically savvy young Catholics to volunteer with us to help build our 6 platforms.  We are looking for teams to work with us on Radio, Website, Mobile App, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), YouTube and Mailchimp eblasts.  Please contact us with your thoughts and ideas today!