Because it’s the LOCAL CONNECTION between EWTN, Your Parish and Community

12 important ways LOCAL CAROLINA CATHOLIC RADIO makes a difference in Parish and Community Life:

1.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC through the medium of Radio reaches beyond the pews and into the public square
Research — compiled from 2018 Nielsen Audio Today and 2017 Pew State of the News Media studies – shows radio
is the leading “reach” platform. Studies show that 93% of people listened to AM/FM radio. This is higher than
television viewing (88%), personal computer (50%), smartphone (83%) and tablet (37%.)
2.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC unifies messages as 1 Diocese and 1 Oratory with 1 centralized platform instead of 100
separate parish information channels. This provides inter-parish communication which parish bulletins and Flocknote cannot provide. It lets people in neighboring parishes know about nearby events they may have interest in attending.
3.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC showcases Parish/Diocesan Ministries and encourages engagement
4.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC spotlights Parish/Diocesan Events to increase awareness, interest and attendance
5.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC creates a 24/7 education and evangelization opportunity for our Local Clergy
6.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC utilizes 7 media platforms for Local Carolinians to ask, seek, knock and to be fed
7.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC promotes Value of Local Catholic Education and faculty/student engagement
8.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC will broadcast Catholic High School Sports Reports and Play by Play beginning in 2021
9.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC creates Forums for Young Catholics to get and stay involved thru their teen years
10.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC provides an ongoing Diocesan Word of God Bible Distribution Fundraising program
11.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC sponsors Catholic Movie Nights like UNPLANNED/FAUSTINA in theatres & parishes
12.  CAROLINA CATHOLIC sponsors Catholic Music Nights with Adult (Chorale/Sems/Sisters) and Youth Groups